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7 Ways to Create a Compelling Piece of Content with SEO Flare

compelling content with SEO

Web marketing is hugely dependent on the quality of web content. Today’s digital world is filled with various gimmicks and How-to-do tutorials to guide the customers, amateurs and professionals to compete in an ever growing market.

Here, we are going to guide you through step by step techniques, which are tried and tested by many successful businesses; to make your web content fruitful for a wider range of audience. By following these website content writing tips you can generate a unique and compelling SEO optimized piece of content.

1. Identify your Readers

Before launching a website for business or any other purpose, it is highly advisable to determine the target users. It is good to know what are the demands, requirements and interests of those who are your potential customers. This can be done by planning a simple survey or reading relevant books or views on the relevant websites or social networking sites.

2. Ground work

After discerning the basic demands of users; play and experiment with as many innovative ideas as possible. Short-list the practical and effective ideas to develop your content. Work around the previously written content, update to the current demands. Include all the essential parts of a website and make your content user friendly. This might include the profile of the company, services, product information etc, depending on the nature of website.

3. Language

After acquiring the data from the target audience; it’s time to devise an attractive but tantalizing content. The foremost tool for the content is language. Simple, provocative but effective language is the key to success. Brevity is the soul to capture the attention of audience. For example, if the content is for educational purposes; a highly specialized and rhetoric devices can be helpful. Again, without ignoring the age and requirements of the audience, play around with words. Digital age captures the attention of a wider global audience; therefore, keep in mind a global overview and effects when writing your web content.

4. Keep it Simple!

Shakespearean language can only show your literary background, it will not land you into success. Choose your words dramatically but adequately. Make your content more graphic than syntactic.

  • Use facts and figures
  • Use comparisons
  • Make lists
  • Use direct statements

seo content writing tips5. Title

Title is the first part of your web content which attracts the attention. It’s same as newspaper headlines. Attractive the headline, more is the response from readers. Same goes for the titles of your web content. You can employ following strategies:

  • Ask a question as a title.
  • Use this simple formula: digit/instigating word + adjective + key (target) word + declaration


‘Selling your laptop in a day’

Now apply the above formula: ‘How you can conveniently sell your laptop within hours’

6. Visuals

Technology has reduced the attention span of a majority of readers. People mostly focus on eye catching content. Your web content can be greatly improved by adding visuals. It can be in the form of photos, statistics or charts and infographics. At times external or internal links also prove beneficial in creating a face value and effectiveness of the content.

7. Search Terms

Don’t forget to add search terms in your content. You can either start your article with the order of keywords you want to add or you can prepare the content first and then add the keywords later.

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